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A fun glider for both beginners and experts. It features two different flight modes, with the 6G auto pilot flight assistant turned on or turned off. This can be turned on or off mid flight using a switch on the transmitter.

The XK A800 radio controlled glider comes with switchable 3D / 6G system. This means the glider can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts. The 6G mode acts like an autopilot using a 6 axis gyro that automatically keeps the plane level and stable even in windy conditions. The 3D mode is flexible and accurately locks the flight attitude. Being able to switch between modes mid flight using the button on the transmitter is a great feature. For beginners it means they can practice flying without the help but then quickly turn it back on if they get in trouble. For novice pilots they can use it to practice advanced aerobatics or if they want a mid-flight break! Apart from the 3D to 6G switching system, there is lots more to like about this plane. You have total control with full 4 channel setup. The folding propeller and big wingspan means it will glide without much power needed giving a long flight time of around 20 minutes per charge. Everything needed to get out and flying is included with a high discharge rate 7.4V 300mAh 25c LiPo battery giving quick lift and plenty of power for aerobatics. The durability of the EPO foam has been further bettered with a high gloss surface finish and factory applied decals. The glider flies well at both low and high speeds.

Manufacturer WL Toys
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushed
Channels 5 Ch
  • Material: EPO Foam
  • Wingspan: 780mm
  • Fuselage Length: 530mm
  • Flying Weight: 110g
  • Flying Time: About 20 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 30-40 Minutes
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Control Distance: 200 Meters
  • Motor: Brushed N60
  • Battery: 7.4V 300mAh 25c (included)
  • Two flight modes, with or without 6 axis gyro autopilot.
  • Flight mode can be changed mid flight using button on transmitter.
  • Full 4Ch control.
  • Everything included.
  • Folding propeller for better gliding with less drag.
  • 2.4Ghz radio equipment to avoid any interference.
Required To Use 4 x AA Batteries For The Transmitter


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