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Micro Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters For Kids & Adults

 At Gift & Gadget Warehouse we have a full range of mini micro electric scooters from 120W for kids, all the way up to 800W/1000W/1600W for teens and adults. Powered by an electric motor and high capacity battery the 120W versions reach speeds of up to 14km/h and the bigger 350W version goes up to 20km/h. A micro scooter can carry up to 80kg and they all come with a detachable seat so can be used standing up like a skateboard or sitting down like a bicycle. The 350W/500W can carry up to 100kg. Our bigger 800W and 1000W models can carry up to 120kg. The powerful motor gets its power from three 12V batteries. The light weight of the 500W/800W scooters makes them very nippy and they can reach speeds of up to 23-35km/h! 

Electric scooters make excellent gifts and are guaranteed to be the favourite present someone receives. They are very easy to use with a simple twist to the handle to go and squeeze the brake to stop operation.