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Lotus RC T380G GPS RC Drone - ARF Version Radio Remote Control Helicopter

  • £89.99

The Lotus T380G is an advanced GPS radio controlled drone with intelligent automatic flight control. The technology found in this quadcopter is usually only found is much more expensive models. GPS automatic position hold, altitude hold, automatic take off and landing and even automatic return to home on signal loss. Check out the full feature list below.

What does ARF mean? This is the ARF version that stands for almost ready to fly. An ARF model has everything still pre-installed, but is missing the battery, receiver and transmitter for customers who already have their own so don't need to buy them again.

Lotus RC is a small factory that hand makes the models. Please note they come white boxed with basic instructions, each model is tested at the factory and then test flown to ensure the GPS and flight control is working correctly, the models may therefore show some signs of use from the test flying. If you have trouble first using your model please contact our Aftersales Support Team for assistance.

This drone is pretty clever, packed with the latest cutting edge technology. They are used not only by hobbyists for fun but also for professional use, mainly for aerial filming and remote viewing. If you're new to RC drones then here is an introduction to the cool features found on this model:

GPS Automatic Take Off & Landing

With a normal radio controlled helicopter or quadcopter one of the most difficult things is taking off and landing. For beginners it usually leads to crashes. But with GPS automatic take off just arm the system and then select take off. The drone will automatically take off and hover without any further input needed! Ready to land? You no longer need to carefully reduce throttle while trying to keep the model flat, instead just hit the land switch and the drone will automatically land itself!

GPS Position Hold

No more having to constantly adjust for wind and movement. With GPS position hold you can let go of the controls and the drone will stay hovering in that position. This makes flying so much easier and stable. The GPS module knows where it is so can stay at those co-ordinates even if the wind blows.

Altitude Hold

With industrial grade MEMS sensors and 6 DOF motion control the T380G will also hold it's height automatically with less drift than other drones on the market. Unlike a traditional helicopter or quadcopter the throttle stick is spring loaded as altitude control becomes much simpler. You can just push up to make the drone fly higher and push down for lower but then just release the throttle to hover at that height.

GPS Return To Home On Signal Loss Or Request

The GPS return to home feature is fantastic. The T380 remembers the coordinates that it took off from. If you fly outside the transmitter range or the signal is lost for any reason such as your transmitter batteries go flat then the drone will automatically return to where it took off and land. When the signal is recovered you have the choice to either take over the flight control again or you can just leave it to let it continue and land. Some other drones will not allow you to take control again once return to home is activated which is something to watch out for. You also have the option to enable return to home at any time even if the signal is not lost by just flipping the return to home switch.

Low Voltage Safety

Another great feature that will keep your drone safer. The onboard computer will detect if the battery voltage is getting low and transmit a warning to the pilot to let you know it's time to land. If the battery gets even emptier then the drone will then proceed to land itself to ensure it does not stall and crash.

380g Payload

The T380G is named after the 380 grams maximum payload it can carry. This is more than enough to carry most mini HD video cameras like the Go Pro or Sony Action Cam for high quality recording. The optional camera mount will allow you to easily attach your camera to the drone.

Modular Design

You may have seen some other drones on the market that are enclosed in a white one piece case. Although these may look a little nicer in practical terms they are not as good. If you do have a crash it usually means the whole system needs transferring to a new case but with a modular design like on the T380G just the broken arm or part can be replaced. The parts are made from special high impact material but if you did need to replace any part we stock all the parts for making easy repairs.


We're very confident that you will not find an RC drone with all the features at this price, even drones with less features sell for a lot more.


1. The blades must be attached before they will rotate. If the blades are not attached then there will be no response from the transmitter.

2. When you are ready to take off move both transmitter sticks down and out as far as they will go. Then release the sticks and move the throttle stick forward to take off. If you don't engage the throttle quick enough then it will cut out and you will need to repeat the procedure. To disengage the model move both sticks down and in.

3. To use the GPS features you must go to an outdoor area free from obstruction. An open field is ideal. Do not attempt to use indoors or in close proximity to anyone or anything as this could cause damage or injury.

MOTOR / ENGINE Brushless
BLADES Single Blade
  • Aircraft Dimensions: 421 x 421 x 200 mm
  • Diagonal Distance Between Two Motor Centres: 410mm
  • Propellers: 8inch
  • Aircraft Weight: 430g (Without Battery, Receiver & Payload)
  • Take-Off Weight: 610g (With Battery, Receiver)
  • Maximum Payload: 380g
  • Flight Distance: Within Visible Area (Recommended)
  • Flight Time: 18-25mins
  • Maximum Wind Resistance: 4 Class
  • Cover: Aluminium Alloy & PVC
  • Arm Beams: Glass Fibre
  • Landing Gear: Aluminium Alloy, Glass Fibre & Rubber
  • Brushless Motor: C2208 KV900 Out-Runner
  • Propellers: Plastic Composites
  • Brushless ESC: 2-3S 12A High Speed ESC
  • FC System: Inertial Attitude Self-Stabilization System
  • Light chassis and frame paired with four brushless motors allows for a decent payload
  • Altitude hold to assist stable flight
  • The most affordable drone for its size and payload capacity
  • Uses standard 8a & 8b blades, which are common in decent hobby stores
  • GPS position holding and return to home functionality
  • Auto take-off and landing!
  • Fixed point hovering (GPS hold)
  • Return home functionality
  • Auto landing due to low voltage - aircraft direction can still be controlled by pilot & low voltage set by pilot
  • Made of high grade plastic and metal materials
  • High performance FC system provides stabilized flying
  • 8" propellers and four efficient disc brushless motors
  • Each model is tested at the factory and then test flown to ensure the GPS and flight control is working correctly.
  • Very Minor Assembly Required
  • 6 Channel Transmitter & Receiver
  • Hobby Grade Battery For Model

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