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Ultimate Edition Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are the best way to combine human effort with a dash of technology. You’ll instantly see the benefit of the electric bikes we have in stock at Gift & Gadget Warehouse as they make light work of junctions, traffic lights and those tiring inclines.

If you’re looking to turn your commute into a peaceful and effortless trip or you want to enjoy some of the best cycle routes in the UK without tackling all the hills, our ultimate edition electric mountain bike is ideal. We have a full range of Zipper electric bikes but this one, available in both black and white, will be sure to improve every trip you make.

Here’s three reasons to choose the Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed Ultimate Zipper Z6 e-bike - 26" Tyres:

  • Discreet electric battery on your bike: The Zipper Z6 has an ingenious way of disguising the fact you’re using an electric bike. It has the battery attached where you’d expect to see a drinks flask; making it look like a normal bike.
  • Whatever weather, whatever terrain: The mountain bike, electric motor and smooth gears allow you to have fun on any terrain and through any weather.
  • Speed limiter: The UK road legal speed on a bike is 25km/h and the Z6 will get you comfortably to this speed.

Find out more about the Zipper Z6 Ultimate edition electric mountain bike by getting in touch with us.