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Petrol And Electric Quad Bikes For The Whole Family

If you know a spare patch of land, then there’s no better way of enjoying it than on a quad bike. They’re fun, fast and will tackle any terrain. At Gifts and Gadgets Warehouse, we have a range of both petrol and electric quad bikes to provide for you.

They make the perfect gift for your son or daughter for their birthdays but also make a great present to yourself. We’ve complied our three favourite quad bikes, one for you, one for your son and one for you daughter:

  • 125CC 4 STROKE INTERCEPTOR QUAD BIKE: This monstrous black and green quad bike is packed full of all the specifications to speed around on any terrain. Automatic gear changes, front double suspension and the most reliable engine on the market. Ideal for the adults.
  • 50CC MINI OFF-ROAD PETROL QUAD BIKE: Introduce your child to the thrill of switching an engine on and zooming across grass, over hills and more. This 2017 model is an ideal starter quad bike with its attractive blue exterior.
  • 49CC PETROL ATV QUAD BIKE - 2 STROKE: The top speed of this small engine is 20mph, which is more than enough to show off the excitement that quad bikes bring with them.

Discover our full range of electric and petrol quad bikes by emailing our team