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Lightweight Folding E-Bike


Making the morning commute can easily turn into a stressful experience. The delays, the five o’clock rush and the packed transport systems. Whether you get the bus or the train to work each day with a walk to the station included, we know how draining it can be.

At Gift & Gadget Warehouse we have a range of lightweight folding e-bikes that could be ideal for riding to the train station, folding up and continuing your commute. It makes it easy to carry in your car, simple to bring on a train and easy to take on the bus. From here you’ll be able to scoot away quickly to your destination.

Our range of electric folding bikes by Zipper will give you the best of both worlds. Speed and a quick getaway when utilising the electric motor and a compact folded size for the commute. You’ll be able to accelerate better at traffic lights and fold it up quicker than you can say ‘lightweight folding e-bike’. The Zipper range of lightweight folding e-bikes make the journey to work easy and that little bit more enjoyable.

To discover more about our selection at Gift & Gadget Warehouse and how our lightweight folding e-bikes can help you, get in contact with us.