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Kickstart Your Winter With Our Petrol Quad Bikes

Blow off some steam on the weekends by purchasing something you’ve always thought about but never gambled on: a quad bike. At Gift & Gadget Warehouse, we have a wide range of petrol quad bikes that will give you a dose of adrenaline and bring out your inner youthful mind.

We believe our extensive range of petrol quad bikes will do more than inspire you to buy one, it’ll give you the ideas to start building a track or designing your very own course. Choosing one of our petrol quad bikes will not only mean you can scoot to the shop in no time but enjoy every second of the weekend and the mud it will bring.

The best reason to buy a petrol quad bike from our team at Gift & Gadget Warehouse is not just for fun. It’s a great tool for using on your land or your farm to transport things, it’ll churn through the wettest conditions while always looking great.

Our quad bikes go from the budget 49cc Petrol ATV Quad Bike all the way to the latest in quad bike technology, the 125cc 4-Stroke Interceptor - this can be pre-ordered on our website now.

If you want to find out the full details of each of our petrol quad bikes and how to maintain them, get in contact with our team today.