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Gift Your Child An Electric Quad Bike This Year

Electric is fast-becoming the norm for motor vehicles around the world. It not only leaves less of a carbon footprint on the world, but it can also be a lot safer than driving around with gallons of flammable petrol.

At Gift & Gadget Warehouse, our range of hybrid and electric quad bikes are the perfect gift for anyone in your family that wants to get moving across any land. If you’ve got a patch of land that you want to utilise for your child to go wild in the mud with or you want to design your own racing course and drive around it, our range of hybrid and electric quad bikes will provide you with the perfect accompanying vehicle.

Here’s the best features of our all-electric, all-powerful and all-conquering 500W Electric ATV Micro Quad Bike Mini Moto Ride On – Red:

  • Super easy to use: Forget any hassle with fuel by purchasing this simple and kid-friendly electric quad.
  • LED battery indicator: Know exactly when the power is going to run out so you and your child can be well-prepared.
  • Speed limiter: The power of this machine can be toned down for each trip by a simple adjuster.

To discover more about our electric quad and range of hybrid quad bikes, speak to our team today by emailing