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Find The Perfect Mini Electric Quad Bikes For Your Child

It’s a dream of most people to ride carefree across the countryside of the UK on a quad bike. Their powerful engines and agility make them a constant delight to drive. At Gift and Gadget Warehouse, we know that a passions often start as a child and can supply you with mini electric quad bikes to fuel your son or daughter’s desires.

Mini and electric are the perfect place to start your search for a quad bike that will be safe and fun as the initial vehicle for your child. Our team are constantly updating our range of mini electric quad bikes for you to enjoy. Here’s our favourite mini quad bike to make your choice easier:

  1. 500W ELECTRIC ATV MICRO QUAD BIKE MINI MOTO RIDE ON – BLUE and RED: Kids starting off with this quad bike will love the ability to see the battery level as they ride as well as the power this 500W engine can produce. An operating speed limitation can be set for an assured safe experience. The twist throttle is sure to make the perfect gift for your child as well as the choice between blue and red decals.

To find out more about our mini electric quad bikes and how to get the best out of them, get in contact with our team today by emailing: