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Find The Best Selection Of Affordable Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are an excellent way to gain some adrenaline. Flying along the off-road tracks on your four-wheeler really is an indescribable feeling. Luckily, we have a vast array of affordable quad bikes at Gift & Gadget Warehouse so you can feel it yourself.

We offer two different types of affordable quad bike, so whether you’re buying for adults or children we’ll have the right quad bike for your needs. Our electric quad bikes are the perfect option for children – counting as mini quad bikes they provide the perfect experience for a child looking for their first quad bike.

With a powerful 800w brush motor and three-speed settings (and reverse) our electric bikes are the perfect starter quad bikes, and with a top speed of nearly 14 mph, it’ll provide plenty of oomph.

If you’re looking for a more advanced quad bike our petrol quad bikes are the way to go. We have a full range of bikes from the 110cc quad bikes for the older kids all the way through to the full 150cc quads for the adults and advanced riders.

These bikes can reach a max speed of just over 46 mph so ride carefully and remember to always wear your safety gear!


If you’d like to contact us regarding our quad bikes – whether electric or petrol versions, please call on 01202 987805 or email direct to