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Find And Buy The Ideal Electric Bike Online

Your commute to work will take a up quite a chunk of your day and being stuck in stuffy public transport isn’t fun. If you’re looking to reduce your own carbon footprint, why not take a look at buying an electric bike online from our team at Gift and Gadget Warehouse.

Our wide selection of electric bikes will help you to get up those hills without impacting on your journey. You get to choose when you let the electric motor run and push you through the difficult starts or inclines. Here are our favourite three electric bikes you can buy online with us:

  1. ZIPPER Z4 E-BIKE - 26" TYRES – BLACK: The Z4 is an absolute monster on and off the road, giving you comfort for your commute and power for those whimsical trail rides. Kickstand, ability to fold and powerful 250W motor make this an ideal purchase.
  2. ZIPPER Z2 E-BIKE - 20" TYRES - ORCHID PINK: Compact design makes this ideal for cramming onto the train home.
  3. SALISBURY LPX LITHIUM BATTERY 6 SPEED E-BIKE 26" TYRES: Use the powerful motor to accelerate up to 15mph, switch it off to cycle into higher speeds. Simple functions make this a great entry level electric bike.

To discover more about our electric bikes at Gift and Gadget Warehouse, get in contact with us by emailing: INFO@GIFTANDGADGETWAREHOUSE.CO.UK.