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Buy An Electric Bike Online

Cycling doesn’t have to be grating on your calves and quadriceps every time you venture up a hill. You can exercise on your way to work or to the train station without arriving with sweat beads on your forehead. At Gift and Gadget Warehouse, we’re the ideal place to buy an electric bike online and start making those hills easier.

Your commute to work or leisure journey anywhere will probably include a hill, or some incline that makes it hard to move your bike at speed. With an electric bike, you can get a head start or gratefully receive some extra power in these parts by switching the electric motor on.

Here's three electric bikes to consider:

  1. ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE 21 SPEED ULTIMATE ZIPPER Z6 E-BIKE - 26" TYRES: This attractive bike features a 21-gear Shimano box along with a powerful but discreet electric motor.
  2. ELECTRIC BIKE - COMPACT FOLDING ZIPPER Z2 E-BIKE - 20": This Orchid Pink bike folds neatly for the train or bus while giving you 15km/h from a stationary position.
  3. ELECTRIC BIKE POWACYCLE PUMA LITHIUM BATTERY 6 SPEED LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING E-BIKE: Weighing just 20.5kg, this e-bike is great for commuting and can instantly switch on to give you the electric power you need.

To find out more about our fast delivery on electric bikes, get in touch with us by emailing INFO@GIFTANDGADGETWAREHOUSE.CO.UK.