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XSTR Electric Radio Control Buggy 2.4G Car

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This is a high spec, pro built radio controlled buggy that is also highly upgradeable. This is a proper RC hobby racing machine! Aluminium centre drive shaft, high spec waterproof speed controller, powerful 540 motor, aluminium capped oil filled shocks, performance diffs, aluminium radio tray and much more! The XSTR buggy is in a league of its own.


If you are ready to take the electric RC hobby to the next level with a proper RC buggy then this is the model to go for. No longer do you have to pay hundreds of pounds if you want a fully built model that features all the technology of any top spec buggy. This is a high spec model that not only is high quality and pro built but is also highly upgradeable. This model is not to be confused with the entry level RC cars, this is a proper RC hobby racing machine!


Aluminium centre drive shaft, high spec electronic speed control, aluminium capped oil filled shocks, performance differentials, aluminium radio tray and much more, the XSTR is in a league of it's own Now supplied with 2.4G radio gear this model represents amazing value for money!

As standard the XSTR comes with a high precision 540 motor, HSP speed controller and 7.2V 1800mah Tamiya type battery pack. This setup gives more than enough power and speed for any serious racer but if you are the kind of person that likes to take things to the extreme then you can upgrade your model with a brushless kit. With the brushless motor, ESC and Li-po battery the truck will go ridiculously quick and will take some real skill to control. You can add these upgrades at the bottom but please note they will not come fitted so you will need to fit yourself.


SKU H94107
Manufacturer HiSpeed
Scale 1:10
Build RTR
Drive 4WD
For Terrain Off Road
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Type Buggy
Motor / Engine Brushed
  • Length: 400mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Wheelbase: 275mm
  • Gear Ratio 1 Speed: 8.3:1
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Tyre Width: 32mm (F) 40mm (R)
  • Tyre Diameter: 86mm
  • Radio: Wheel type 2.4G Transmitter
  • Motor : RC 540
  • ESC: HSP 03018
  • Battery: 7.2V 1800mah
  • Waterproof servo and receiver
  • Aluminium centre drive joint
  • Powerful motor system
  • Aluminium shock towers
  • High performance front/rear diffs
  • Powerful suspension
  • Aluminium radio tray
  • Four oil filled aluminium capped shocks
  • Anti-skid tyres and chrome plated rims
  • Stylish off road wing
  • 4WD system
Required To Use
  • 4 x AA Batteries

werful 540 motor. The Raptor truggy is a high performance, high speed speed machine. With its unique truggy tyres and low centre of gravity design the models performs both on and off the tarmac. The 4WD system with front and rear differentials evenly distributes the massive power to the wheels making the Raptor a race winner.

The 4WD system not only improves handling but reduces wheel spin giving quicker acceleration. Each wheel has its own independent wishbone suspension with an oil filled shock which also improves the performance of the model. Along with the 4WD it also means the Raptor has good off road abilities. The electronic speed controller allows you to put the power down gradually as needed with the brake allowing you to enter corners quicker and then power out of the other side. Pushing the brake a second time activates reverse allowing you to back up if you get stuck. The front a rear gear differentials improve cornering massively and like on a real car are essential at high speeds.


SKU A2012T-V1
Manufacturer Acme-Tech
Scale 1:10
Build RTR
Drive 4WD
For Terrain Off Road
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Type Truggy
Motor / Engine Brushed
  • Width: 330MM
  • Height: 140MM
  • Length: 410MM
  • Wheelbase: 270MM
  • Gear ratio: 8.95:1
  • Wheel dia.: 110*55MM
  • Ground clearance: 36MM
  • Radio: 2.4GHz Pistol Type
  • Battery: 7.2V Ni-Mh Tamiya type
  • Motor: 540 Brushed
  • ESC: Proportional forward, brake, proportional reverse.
  • Scale: 1:10
  • 1/10 Scale car
  • 4WD Shaft drive system
  • High power 540 brushed motor
  • Oil-filled shocks
  • 7.2V Tamiya type battery pack with charger
  • Front and rear bevel differentials
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Pre-painted exclusive body shell
  • 2.4GHz radio set enables multiple models to be used in the same area
Required To Use
  • 4 x AAA Batteries

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