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Renegade 1000W 48V Powerboard Foldable Electric Scooter Top Speed 23mph !!

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This is the 1000W 48V Renegade Powerboard, where the original model was only 36v this 1000W Powerboard electric scooter has a 48-volt motor which provides an impressive top speed of 38KPH and a range of 35KM, there are also larger 12” off-road knobbly tyres so the fun doesn’t have to stop when the tarmac does!

The Original Renegade Powerboard electric scooter was a 1000W 36V model and receive a lot of positive feedback, but as is the case with all new products customers did mention a few extra’s they would like to see, like larger wheels, a more powerful motor and even a less powerful version for inexperienced riders.

Well Renegade listened and we are excited to announce that the Powerboard range now has 4 models, all with beautiful new wooden decks, meaning there’s a Powerboard model for you no matter your skill level.

Please Note: This item is not suitable for use as a mobility scooter or for commuting

More Information
Charge Time 6 Hours

Brand Renegade
Max Weight 120kg
Number Of Seats 1
Top Speed 23mph
Voltage 48V
Warranty 6 Months
Height 108
Length 53
Width 29
Age Group 
14+ Years
Key Features

1000W 48V Motor

48V 12A Lead Acid Battery

Battery life: 500 cycles

12” Chunky Off-Road Tyres

Wooden Deck (Deck Size - 28.5W x 53.2L cm)

Seat Height: 78cm

Handlebar Height: 108cm

Charge time: 6-8 Hours

Range per charge: 35KM

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Detachable seat

Folding Handlebars

Kick Stand

Suitable for light off roading

Not to be used on public roads and highways

Not recommended for children under the age of 14

Top speeds and range are weight and terrain dependant

Warranty: 6 Months Manufacturers Defect (Parts Only) 3 Months Battery

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