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Remote Control BB Firing Tank - Japanese T-90 Battle Tank

  • £48.90

This cool RC tank model is a replica of the Japanese T-90 battle tank. It comes with a full-multi-directional driving system, turret swivel and can fire 40 bullets (pellets) with its motor gun.

The Remote Control BB Firing Tank is a fantastic-looking model with a full function radio control system. It’s a great gift to give to kids from 9 years old and above. It has a control range of 25 meters and has a red warning light that turns on before it fires a bullet at a target.

Key Features

  •     Remote control Battle Model Tank
  •     Radio Control Full Function system
  •     Motor Air Gun Turret System
  •     A Bag of plastic Bullets 6mm
  •     9.6V 700mAh rechargeable Battery Pack
  •     Battery Charger

Technical Data

  •     Move Belts: Forward/Backward, Speed Front/Back, Turn Left and Right
  •     Turret L/R: Rotate 320°/Spine
  •     Motor Gun: Load 40 shells
  •     Angle of Gun: Raised Up/Down 30°
  •     Climbing:: Up to 35° (rough surface)
  •     Suspension: Individual wheel
  •     Channels:  Can play with other tanks simultaneously
  •     Battery: 9.6V 700mAh rechargeable Battery Pack
  •     Running Time: 60+ minutes
  •     Control range: 25 meters

What’s in the box?

  •     100% assembled Remote Control BB Firing Tank
  •     Remote control system
  •     9.6V 700mAh rechargeable Battery Pack
  •     Battery charger
  •     English Manual for Users

Recommended Users

  •     Ages 9 years old and above

Required to run

  •     8 AA batteries for the remote control

Important note: if you plan running multiple RC models together, be sure to ask for multiple frequencies when ordering items to avoid any mix ups.

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