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CopterX Black Angel Pro RC Helicopter - KIT Version

  • £189.99


This is one of the most advanced 450 size 3D radio controlled helis on the market and one of the highest spec helis in the world. It offers performance rivals can only dream of. With it's infinite adjustability you will be able to take the hobby to the highest level. This is the KIT Version.


The Black Angel is one of the most advance 450 size 3D helicopters on the market. With it's innovative design and robust aluminium and carbon construction, the Black Angel is able to offer performance rivals can only dream of. The Black Angel is a completely new helicopter designed from the ground up. A lot of unique features are brand new or only available for larger helicopters. Things like +/- 15 degree pitch range; carbon main and tail blade; carbon fly paddle; one piece carbon fiber main frame; CNC main rotor and tail drive assembly; oversized bearing and feathering shaft; pre painted fiber glass streamline canopy, etc. With it's wide range of adjustability you will be able to take the hobby to the highest level.

This model is available in a KIT Version or a RTF Version


  • +/- 15 extra wide pitch range
  • Over sized feathering shaft, screws, blade grip bearing etc. for low maintenance
  • 4mm feathering shaft with thrusted bearing for accurate high load 3D operation
  • Hardened aluminum washout base and rudder slider is long lasting and light weight
  • 240 reinforced swash plate for positive response
  • One piece CCPM swash plate design for durability
  • Simple head design for quick output and easy maintenance
  • Fully ball raced to handle head speed of 3500rpm+ and tail speed of 13600rpm+
  • Extra wide drive belt for trouble free and quick operation
  • Direct tail drive system weight saving and quicker response
  • Extra wide drive belt to ensure non slip and sensitive rudder control
  • High strength nylon main gear for quite and smooth operation
  • Precise high wear resistance aluminum alloy pulley set
  • One piece carbon fiber main frame for strength and durability
  • Light weight carbon bottom plate, ESC mount, battery mount and anti rotation bracket.
  • High strength aluminum alloy tail boom look and Aluminum alloy rudder servo mount
  • Light weight one piece composite landing skid
  • Plastic Canopy mounts to isolate canopy vibration
  • Light weight high strength glass fiber per painted canopy

No need to ever spend money upgrading the Black Angel as all upgrades come as standard with full CNC aluminum or carbon throughout. All parts are ball raced & aluminum parts were finished with a beautiful anodized grey. The carbon blades are top of the line products and can really perform during heavy load conditions. A lot of parts on the rotor head are over sized or hardened. 4mm feathering shaft, hardened aluminum alloy washout, oversize main shaft lock collar, one piece swashplate, etc. All these allow high loading for extreme 3D maneuvers.

The tail drive system also features a light weight but rigid CNC and carbon construction including carbon tail blades. The extra wide long life drive belt ensures positive rudder control during 3D maneuvers and belt tensioners on both ends reduce the chance of skipping and derailing. A one piece carbon frame reduces the number of aluminum parts necessary for the frame resulting in a light weight and rigid construction. All mounts are aluminum including a special composite canopy mount to reduce vibration.

Package Contents:

Please note the Black Angel is available in either KIT form or RTF. The RTF version will still require some setup but everything is included and it comes pre-built. The KIT version does not include any electronics and requires some assembly


  • CopterX CX450 Black Angel Kit x 1
  • (Please note that the KIT Version does not come with Aluminium carry case)



Manufacturer Copter-X
Build Self Assembly Kit
Radio Equipment None
Motor / Engine None
Blades No
Channels 4 Ch
  • Length: 653mm
  • Height: 240mm
  • Main Rotor: 714mm
  • Tail Rotor: 157mm
  • Motor Gear: 12T/13T
  • Main Gear: 150T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 43T
  • Tail Drive Gear: 10T
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:12.5:4.3(12T) / 1:11.54:4.3(13T)
  • Weight(without electric parts): 370g
  • Weight(including electric parts): 760~800g
  • CNC and Carbon Construction
  • Auto-Rotation System
  • Rear Tail Servo Mount
  • Collective Pitch System
  • Tail Rotor Drive Belt System
  • Main Drive Gear with Cooling Fan
  • Professional Servo Control Lever Design
Required To Use

If purchasing the Kit version:

  • The Kit version does not include any electronics or batteries

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