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Big Rig Pro Nitro Remote Control Monster Truck Version RC Car

  • £249.99

This aluminium upgraded HSP nitro monster truck has been finished with a cool custom designed big rig shell. The Bug Crusher Pro is the ultimate 1:10 scale radio controlled monster truck, if you want a race ready monster truck with all the main upgrades pre-installed then this is the perfect choice. You can't get a 1/10th monster truck with a longer features list or that looks this good.

The Bug Crusher Pro is the ultimate 1:10 scale monster truck with an array of hop ups included as standard. If you want a tough, race ready Monster Truck with all the main upgrades pre-installed then this is the perfect choice for you! You can't get a pre built 1/10th monster truck with such a comprehensive features list or that looks this good anywhere else.

To make the "PRO" really stand out we built on the legendary success of the standard Bug Crusher and developed the specification to bring you this top of the line model utilising the pick of the best option parts available. The Bug Crusher PRO represents outstanding value for money and a real saving over purchasing all the upgraded parts separately. If all the Hop Ups weren't enough, we also include a rechargeable battery pack and charger for the electronics. This gives more power to the servos than using dry cell AA batteries and improves their performance and response to driver inputs.

Finally, the controller is the Wheel type using 2.4 Ghz technology - this means reliable control and the ability to run alongside other models without the need to change frequency crystals or risk radio interference. Available in two body styles - Monster Truck or Truck

As well as all the features found on the standard Bug Crusher this pro version includes the following:

  • Front Steel Universals Drive Shafts
  • Tuned and Polished Aluminium Exhaust Pipe
  • Blue Anodised Aluminium Upper Chassis Deck
  • Aluminium Front Suspension Upper Arms
  • Aluminium Upper and Lower Suspension Arms all round
  • Aluminium Pro Shock Absorbers
  • Threaded Shock bodies with Ride Height adjustment
  • Blue Anodised Extra Deep Aluminium Wheel Hexes and matching Nylon Wheel Nuts
  • Rechargeable battery pack and mains charger for the car electronics

This model comes with a high quality .18 SH Nitro engine installed. SH engines feature a simplified carb with only one adjustment needle that helps to make them the easiest to start and tune. They are amongst most reliable engines on the market.

TYPE Monster Truck
MOTOR / ENGINE .18 Nitro
  • Length: 400mm
  • Height: 185mm (without body shell)
  • Width: 310mm
  • Wheelbase: 275mm
  • Gear Ratio 1 Speed: 13.34:1
  • Ground Clearance: 45mm
  • Tyres: 60mm width 120mm diameter
  • Radio: Wheel type
  • Engine: SH.18
FEATURES All the top features of the standard Bug Crusher as listed below plus loads of hop ups pre-installed as listed above!

  • Pivot Ball suspension with Adjustable Camber, Toe in and Front Castor
  • Innovative spring loaded bumper
  • 8 Oil-filled shocks with Anodised Aluminium Caps
  • 2.5mm thick anodised aluminium chassis
  • Pre-painted body with decals applied
  • Super-efficient 4WD shaft-drive
  • 75cc fuel tank with splash guard
  • Hollow light weight flywheel
  • Slipper clutch system to protect spur gear
  • Tough impact resistant electroplated wheels with Rugged Off-Road style tyres
  • Fiber disc brake for reliable stopping power
  • Front and rear hardened metal drive gears
  • Enclosed radio box protects the electronics
  • Adjustable turnbuckles in steering and rear suspension upper arm linkages
  • High performance SH18 Engine
  • 2.4 Ghz Steer Wheel controller
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • Model Fuel
  • Glowstarter

Just add a Rechargeable Glow Starter Kit (Optional) and you are ready to go!!

Please note that on ebay listings no fuel is included with this car due to ebay selling restrictions.

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