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1/20 M26 Pershing Snow Leopard Airsoft BB RC Tank

  • £89.99


This is a BB firing RC tank replica of the famous WWII M26 Pershing Snow Leopard. This tank is excellent value for money, it's 20% bigger than a 1/24th scale tank with many more features but only slightly more expensive.


The tank is packed with features such as extra fire power thanks to it's large capacity loader holding up to 20 bullets and fires 6mm BB pellets up to an impressive 10-15 meters. You have full 3D control of tank such as forward, backward, rotate left and rotate right along and turret control, so you can independently move the turret side to side, up and down and fire.

On top of this the tank has fun sound effects when it's running, shooting and performing other functions. The front and back head lamps light up and the tracks work independently with working suspension for tackling the toughest terrain.

An impressive tank at an impressive price. We stock the popular 'Tank Household' models in three styles: German Tiger, USA M60 & M26 Pershing Snow Leopard


SKU TYH4101B-3
Manufacturer Heng Long
Radio Equipment FM
  • Size:43*17.5*17CM
  • Battery: 7.2V Ni-MH
  • Radio: FM
  • 2 Speeds
  • Full 3D tank control with independently moving tracks
  • 360 degree turret movement and 130 degree rotation
  • Turret movement
  • Functional head lamps front and rear
  • Sound effects when running, shooting and performing other functions
  • Working suspension
  • Full set body coated with Camouflage paint
  • Max. firing range of motor gun:apprx 10-15m
  • Gun Shell: 6mm BB Shell

In the box:


  • 1/20 Scale M26 Pershing Snow Leopard RC Tank
  • RC Transmitter With Antenna
  • Aerial For Tank
  • Bag of BBs
  • 7.2V Rechargeable Ni-Mh Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Manual
  • Shooting Target
  • Screwdriver
  • 9v Battery For Transmitter
  • Accessory Pack, includes 2x guns and 1x man
Required To Use
  • Nothing extra needed, everything is included!

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